We use Positive Reinforcement training methods that are tailored to each individual dog. Each dog is different and requires a bespoke training package that has been produced in conjunction with the handler.

Residential Training

This is where the dog and handler come to meet us at Abergwenllan HQ and we conduct an initial assessment of the team.
Following the assessment , together , we look at what training is required and over what period of time. The dog then comes to stay with us at our home and I train the dog myself.

We do not use outside staff or trainers. Owners are regularly updated via pictures and videos and I am available to discuss the dogs progress at any time. The minimum period of time that a dog stays with us is 4 weeks.

Following the period of training the owners then return to Abergwenllan HQ and we do a full handover where clients practice what's been taught themselves.

The dogs are taught using non complicated methods that can be easily understood with no difficult to use pieces of equipment , and simple words of command. We build strong foundations that both handler and dog understand and can be moved forward once the dog leaves us.

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1 to 1 Training

The dog and handler team come to us and we carry out an initial assessment.  We look at the relationship,  the dogs management,  diet and training requirements.

Together, we then put a bespoke training package together. Following the initial assessment the team them return at regular intervals to practice what's been discussed under my guidance. The team then go home to practice, develop and consolidate what's been learned before returning to move the training forward.

With this method of training a strong bond is developed between dog and handler as both are learning and training together.An initial assessment takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and each lesson usually takes at least an hour.

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Zoom Consultations

We can provide Zoom type consultations to provide advice and guidance on any subject matter relating to your dog. These are usually 45 minutes to an hour in length. Please contact me for any further information and prices.

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Online Courses

We are currently producing online training bundles that can be purchased as a whole or individual sessions. These videos cover subjects such as, Day to day care and management of your dog, Heel and leadwork, Recall, Obedience training, Gundog training, Search work.

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