Cavapoos are wonderful small to medium sized dogs. They are a good choice for first time dog owners or for owners that would like a less active large dog. They are generally easy to train and really love being part of the family. They like walks but are not really a breed up for a 10 mile hike. So if you are very active a slightly bigger dog like a cockapoo may be more suitable. They also make excellent PAT dogs.

We breed F1 and F1b Cavapoo. The F1 is a first cross so one parent is a Cavalier and the other a Poodle. We also breed F1b Cavapoo. One parent being an F1 Cavapoo the other a Poodle. We only use Toy Poodles in our Cavapoo breeding programme. This is because I believe they are the best match, many Cavaliers are not big dogs and I feel many of the miniatures are too big a match for them. Whether F1 or F1b crosses they have very low moult coats. The f1 cross has a straighter coat with just a slight wave. The F1b has a thicker curlier coat. Both are low moult and will require regular brushing and visits to a professional groomer.

We DNA profile for health conditions within the Cavalier and the Poodle breeds. Cavaliers are profiled for Episodic fading, Dry eye and curly coat as a minimum. Some of our Cavaliers also have further health testing for conditions such as Degenerative myleopathy . As a licensed breeder all our dogs also undergo a yearly health check to ensure they are fit to be bred from and as such all are free from heart murmurs. Our Poodles are DNA profiled for Progresive retinal atrophy, degenerative myelopathy and Von willebrands disease as a minimum. However most of our toy and miniature studs have 5 or 6 DNA profile health tests, neonatal encephlapthy, malignant hypothermia and PRA lopra.

Cavapoos will vary in size according to their individual parents.  As a cross breed they have a greater genetic pool to take from. Cavaliers can vary in height by quite a few inches so we match a smaller or larger poodle to suit them best. Generally adults will vary between 12 and 15 inches at the shoulder. However like our own children they can be quite different from their parents and within an individual litter there will be bigger and smaller pups. Generally the males will be larger than the females smaller but this is not always the case. We will be able to advise you re sizing of an individual litter at the six week visit.

Cavapoos are happy little dogs that love a cuddle and enjoy being part of a family. I also find they can be little comedians. They are great companions and for little dogs have a big personality taking a lot of their love for life from the Poodle. Cavaliers are a lovely breed of dog but they have suffered from less than ideal breeding programmes so the cross nicely widens the gene pool and moves them away from some less desirable features of the pure Cavalier like shorter snouts and smaller heads. We actively avoid show bred Cavaliers in our breeding programme for this reason and look for dogs with low inbreeding coefficients. Life expectancy would be around 12 to 15 years.


"We brought our little Miko home yesterday and we are in love with his incredible nature and gorgeous face. Claire has been so helpful and informative and her support has made the experience so enjoyable."