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I have had a love of dogs and training them from a very young age, growing up with spaniels, labradors and a German shepherd. Following my older brother to local shoots with his working dogs. It was a natural progression for me during my career in the Police Force to apply for the Dog Section. I then spent the majority of my career working with and training the dogs. Whilst on the Section I was an Operational Handler and Trainer. I trained and was deployed with General Purpose Dogs , Search Dogs and Explosive Detection Dogs. I have also worked with firearms support dogs.

Over 25 years of Abergwenllan

I have worked with and trained many different breeds within the Force including , German Shepherds , Belgium Malinois , Dutch Herding Dogs , Labradors , Spaniels , Cocker Spaniels and Border Collies.

I have been deployed during many high profile events and enquiries for example the NATO Summit.
I also competed in Police Dog Trials and assisted in the organisation of them.

During my career as a serving police dog handler I also trained gundogs in my free time, competing in Working Tests,  Field Trials and again organised and ran these events as a Field Trial Secretary.

I have always been involved in a number of local and commercial shoots , I currently pick up with a large team of labradors several times per week within the Scottish Hills.

To date I have trained a number of Gundogs for both UK and overseas clients professionally.

For approximately 25 years myself and my wife Claire have run our kennel , Abergwenllan , breeding and training dogs. Since retiring and moving to the beautiful Scottish Border Hills , I have started Abergwenllan Dog Training.

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We are currently producing online training bundles that can be purchased as a whole or individual sessions. These videos cover subjects such as, Day to day care and management of your dog, Heel and leadwork, Recall, Obedience training, Gundog training, Search work.

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